Breathing into Stone

   Eighteenth century priest, Father Furio Novia, hates his employer, the Archbishop of Modena; almost as much as he hates Italian master sculptor, Antonio Lisi. When Novia discovers that Lisi uses his beautiful daughter’s likeness in nearly every figure he carves, the priest realizes he can make accusations to the Archbishop that the sculptor has an incestuous knowledge of his daughter, Anoria. Novia begins to haunt their lives, and every family in their village of Resceto, Italy, not because he believes they have sinned, but because he desires Anoria for himself.

   For two years their lives twined around one another’s, destined to clash in Rome; Novia, committing murder to stay free of the church; Anoria, nearly killing him to escape his lust.

   What Antonio Lisi does not know: his daughter possesses a talent to carve marble, the equal to which has not been seen in Italy for nearly two hundred years.


"If I didn’t know the author any better I would think that he had spent a good portion of his life in the quarries cutting marble and at the feet of the masters learning their trade. Such is the power of how he draws you to each piece and shows you the life or absence of life contained in the image..."

"You will find drama, humour and wisdom within the pages of 'Breathing into Stone.' Joel Blaine Kirkpatrick has created a masterpiece. His characters may breathe life into stone when they chip away at marble, but Kirkpatrick breathes life onto paper when he writes..."

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